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About Bump in the Night Paranormal

We are a Paranormal Podcast. We also hunt for the paranormal. We have a YouTube page where we post a video version of the podcast up. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1uaKTNhvISg2F3jt...
We also have an audio version on https://soundcloud.com/bitnparanormal
And on https://anchor.fm/bump-in-the-night-paranormal-radio 
However, with how soundcloud is the first episode is hidden and the only way to see it is by visiting the YouTube page. The First episode is also our Intro Video for the moment.
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When we reach our $5000 per month, We will be able to give the podcast out a lot earlier then what we can now. It will also help us get better equipment to shoot the show. 
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