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It has been almost a decade since we fought with the Honeydew Army but I guess it is better to be prepared before anything happens so.. GEAR UP BUNNIES!


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Hi there, bunnydew here!

I'm a Twitch Variety Streamer known as 'bunnydew' and most of the time, I play all kinds of games for my live streams and loves trying out new games along the way. Sometimes, I do creativity streams such as Podcast, Digital Art & Music where I can focus on having a chit-chat session with my amazing supporters a.k.a bunnies/honeydews!

Along the way, I have created a team called 'Carrot Kindness' where both streamers and non-streamers unite together for a good cause. We focus primarily on helping to raise funds for charities and help spread awareness through the gaming world!

I am also a part of 'The Convergence' community on Twitch where we focus on positivity - welcoming and accepting all people and all walks of life, and valuing them all equally. They will always have a special place in my heart as we all did so many amazing things together such as charity streams, watching movies, gaming etc. Big love to all of them!

Why Patreon?
Ever since I started live streaming on Twitch, it really has helped me a lot in my life especially my mental heath. I got to do so many things that I love and enjoys creating, producing or just making everyone laugh and have fun together! I also met so many wonderful people through Twitch and again, it has helped me gain a new perspective in life and I am loving it. Streaming really makes me happy and I hope to continue doing it :)

Where Will My Support Go?
Your support will not only help improve my live streams but also help me create better live streams! With every each of your support, it will go straight to helping me get better gaming gears such as microphones, headsets, PC parts and more. Aside from that, your support will also help me directly with my daily life such as food so BIG big thanks!

Last but not least, if there are any enquiries about my Patreon page, just send an email and it will fly through to me!
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This would mean so much to me and I appreciate all the support that's given! Maybe, I could do some give-away if we hit this and that would be sweet!
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