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About (BurkeyAcademy) Mark L. Burkey

If you enjoy my educational videos, then this is an opportunity to show your appreciation and help me to create more, and better videos! I need help paying for software, microphones, computers, and other tech that I need to make this channel better. And, sometimes I need a cup of coffee or a cookie to keep me going. ☺  My priorities now are to set up a better studio area with less noise and better microphones. No more microphone clicky noises! Also, I am making time to make some more videos on Spatial Econometrics! At some point I need to upgrade my 6 year old computer.... Thank you for your support!
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BurkeyAcademy Studio! This will allow me to set up a studio space for better quality sound, and easier setup so that I can make more videos. I am working toward having a dedicated space, mic, and computer so I can make videos more frequently. Also looking forward to dedicating time for Spatial Econometrics Videos!
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