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I'm a freelancer I do a couple of different things and travel videos/guides is on the list of plans for my future, I had not planned on it so soon but saw Patreon and thought:, What the heck, let's make a page.
The funds will sit until I achieve usable levels which would be around $2000
I will travel, make videos and take photos regardless of this as I have personal trips planned out.
If I get a couple of hundred pledges/dollars I will make an introduction video, I may just go ahead and do it when I come back from America and use images and video from the trip.

'When' this takes off and goes really well, I'll use it to branch out into other fields I have plans for.
Naming a small number of these fields: Diet/Lifestyle, workouts/exercise,  nutrition, product reviews which will include travel gear.
I will also be learning the language(s) of the location(s) prior to visiting, fluent enough that I don't rely on translations. I say this to not only explain time between trips but also because I will eventually go into language as another field of business.

As I visit 'cooler' places that my subs/pledges request I'll do some 'adult' content on places to visit, ratings and so forth.
I may make it a tier to itself which would include unique rewards.
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A conversation on Discord seems like a fitting goal.
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