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Hi folks,
As you might have guessed already, it’s all about gifs here. Except it’s not just gifs...

It’s gifs to laugh and cry, to react, to express and to emote.
It’s gifs to connect, to send to your crush or gifs for when you just can’t find the words.
It’s gifs to weird out with and gifs to get high on, gifs to remember and gifs to discover.

It’s interfacing graphically, a new universal language, and I need your support to keep expanding its vocabulary. So pledge now and be part of an art form that’s actually being used.

I’m currently running 2 blogs, The Gypsy Astronaut and The End of the Film, with a third one in the making. About 5000 handmade gifs published, closing in on 60000 followers and millions of shares and uses. My gif slideshows have also been featured in 2 exhibitions and another one coming up later this year.

With your help, I’ll keep adding to this gif language, memorialise popular and less popular moments from the dusty attics of the 20th-century movie and video archives, and in the process turning it all into something new altogether.

Thanks for stopping by and gif out,
Jack Moon

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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