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is creating a podcast series focused on cars
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By donating a dollar, you are not only helping to support this podcast. You will gain access to our Discord, where you can discuss our podcast, give us feedback, talk about cars, etc. Also included in this tier is access to our "Lens", where we will be posting pictures/short videos when we see cool cars, or when we feel like giving you some insight into our lives beyond Burnout Productions. 
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About Burnout Productions

We're just a couple of guys with a passion for cars. Our goal is to bring you quality content including recent news in the car world, major events taking place, etc, as well as sharing our own favorite cars and builds with you. New podcasts will air each Sunday. We are providing our weekly podcast for free, but if you would like to support us, for just $1/month you can gain access to our discord and Patreon Lens story so that you can keep up to date with us.

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