is creating YouTube animations, music, and live-action skits
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-Donating to this tier enters your name into the special thanks section at the end of all my videos created while you donate.

-gain access to my patreon only posts and polls

-vote on next topic

-suggest easter eggs for videos

-early access to videos

-access to my patron only chat on my discord server

Includes Discord rewards
Music fan
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Donating to this tier gives you:

-permission to use my instrumentals in videos you create so long as you add something constructive to the video. Examples include, but are not limited to, using the song as background music for other content, and using it to put behind your own lyrics.

-early access to instrumentals i'm currently working on that you can add your input to and suggest changes

Also includes previous tier rewards.

Includes Discord rewards
Fan of creation
Limited (15 of 15 remaining)
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For donating this much money:

-I'll do one piece of artwork for you. The piece will be your choice of either graphite or charcoal as they're my best mediums and you can choose what I draw.

I'll sign any artwork done for this tier with my official channel signature to show that it's authentic.

(it is possible that it can take some time to be delivered as I must create it in between videos and ship it)

-I'll animate a 1 minute story you have and give you credit for the story with a link to your channel. (there's a post you'll unlock to post your story)

(This tiers rewards are only received the first time you donate)

You also gain access to all previous tiers rewards.

Includes Discord rewards




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About Busterbrwn

I mostly create animations, music, and comedy skits for youtube.
I'm glad you could find my patreon and are even remotely interested in joining my community! As a patron you can receive various rewards from access to my patron only posts and special thanks in my videos, to custom signed artwork and being a sponsor with a channel review. I post polls for patrons to give their input on future content and read every comment made on my patreon posts!
$0 of $500 per video
If we can manage to smash this high goal then start a once a month podcast sponsored by all of you and I'll cover topics decided by current patrons in a poll. One voter will allowed to include themselves and their viewpoints in the podcast to further the discussion.
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