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About BusttheNet

Imagine a football manager publication that specialises in high quality content, heartfelt interviews with other gamers, content creators, game developers and videos about your favourite streamers. To top it off you get detailed guides and playthroughs on how you could get the most out your favourite games.

For the last few years I’ve wanted to cover that and more, I’ve been churning out guides and content to help thousands of football manager gamers. I’ve now started focusing squarely on getting this off the ground. With Bustthenet I am going to show people that you can get quality content out, whether its written for addictedtofm.com or for Youtube. I have enough money in the bank to get me started, however, I want to expand the show. I want to start short-form versions where I also cover the stories of other football lovers out there. I love making these videos, and judging by the reactions of many people out there, you love watching them too. So I’m pumping out more beginning with the first ever guide book by me - “Bust The Net - A Football Manager’s Guide”. This book has made the rounds at Sports Interactive towers for feedback as well so you can rest assured a lot of work has gone into it. And its based on a methodology I have taught many other gamers, including Tim:

Hey Daljit,
Just wanted to thank you for your consulting on FM. I have taken over Dagenham & Redbridge in FM 17 and have taken them up near the top after a disastrous season from the AI. This is after a takeover in the summer which stopped me buying anyone.

I must admit with FM 16 I was close to giving up and not playing much FM again after years and years of buying the game (since the early Championship Manager days where you need multiple disks for different leagues) as I had lost the fun, that's been recaptured now.

Thanks and looking forward to our next session,

My first goal is to help gamers out there play this game with engaging videos, but I don't want to stop there. I want to do stories about why people play this game, and other games too. How have these changed their lives? 

Over the years, it's become increasingly challenging to get material out. I want to believe that there are people in the community who believe in what I am doing and feel that it has value, I can only hope that you share my vision for the future. 

Thank you.
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Critical Equipment: I've spent a year funding my own show and websites, but if you help me reach this figure, I'll be able to buy new equipment, Stuff like new cameras, better mics, and editing software for professional quality talk-show streams, and cover other technical costs that come with hosting and editing the content.
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