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About bvixii

I truly appreciate you being here on my patreon page!  For me, this just means you've happened to read my webtoon or came across my social media accounts. That alone means a lot to me!

And if you happen to decide to support me in my endeavors, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your support will definitely give me the motivation to continue on creating art and webcomics for everyone to enjoy!

I'm bvixii, your humble artist who loves to draw and somehow make stories! My creative pursuits are mainly kept only as a hobby, and I'm working full time during the day. Hopefully one day my artistic exploits can be my main source of income, and I'll gladly work on my art projects full time and create more content for my audience!

I currently work on my webtoon, "Haibi", a fantasy story about dreams becoming reality.. and somehow becoming a threat to the current world! 
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From time to time I also draw fanarts of series I enjoy! Currently, I really enjoy the Fate franchise and if you're a fellow fan, you might see some of my content littered with sketches and illustrations.

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