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Hi everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my Patreon page!

My name is Alex, I am a singer-songwriter from Dublin, Ireland and I would like to invite you to my Patreon family!

I`ve been into music playing ang composing for years with a number of different bands in all various styles. By now I think my time has come for recording and releasing my own songs and I need your support to let my dream come true!

It doesn't cost much to get inspired and compose a good song, but a good song deserves being appropriately recorded, mixed and mastered in a good studio by professional people and that`s what costs a lot of money, and that`s what I need YOUR SUPPORT for. 

If this Patreon campaign is successful enough I will be able to create good music videos of my songs, too. I really hope that with your help it will happen as well. I also plan to shoot behind the scenes videos of how it is all made, think you`ll enjoy it!

No matter what level of patronage you choose, the most important for me is the feeling that there are people out there who believe in me and give a chance to bring my music to the next level of quality and let more people to hear it. So every single dollar counts! I`ll be more inspired knowing that people like my music and support me. You may cancel your patronage or change level of it at any time.

At the end, I want to THANK YOU, each and everyone of you, even if you don't become my patron, just because you have spent your time reading all this or maybe haven`t made a desicion to support my music yet!  BIG, BIG THANK YOU!!!

I am starting a new page in my life with you.

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