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About Bxnshy Cortana-Corvus

Bxnshy is a comic artist from Tempe, Arizona. She has been writing I Need This More Than U for six years.

INTMTU is an existential horror comic featuring the friendship between Birb, Worb, and Grapefruit. The unlikely duo of Birb and Worb become friends early one morning when Birb decides to not eat Worb. However, their friendship is complicated by the mysterious origins of Grapefruit. (intmtu.tumblr.com)

Bxnshy has recently created the spin-off to INTMTU, Rickrick and John. Rickrick, the snail, has one goal: to assassinate the Declaration of Independence. John - when not working out - joins Rickrick on his quest to discover what the Declaration of Independence is and how to kill it. (twitter.com/rickrickandjohn)

When not making comics, Bxnshy creates vocal-driven electronic music. Her debut album, Bxnshy, came out in the spring of 2018. (bxnshy.bandcamp.com)

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Bxnshy is also really cool and can do a pop-shuvit on a skateboard.

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