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About Ezekiel O Tracy

Hi everybody! My name is Ezekiel Tracy and I am a Renaissance Man. 

I have written a young adult novel (The Death Diary), a children's chapter book series (Haven's Defenders), short stories galore (a couple are in the book Smaeralit #3, a few are on some online publications, and another is in A Nymph’s Tale: A Collection of Whimsical Fables), and I'm currently working on a middle grade series entitled The Seed Bearer's Chronicles and a high fantasy book with a magic system I am overly excited about. I have done all of this through self-publishing and I am so excited that you are reading this now and are considering being a part of it all. 

My goal with this page is to be able to create on a lot of different levels. I am an artist, a musician, a baker, an author, and the proud owner of several pair of sweatpants. With these skills, I plan on bringing a lot of content that interact together so that you, the patron, can experience art through a variety of platforms. 

When you pledge, your money is going to be used to create exclusive content for you and will help with marketing my products to people outside of this exclusive circle. This includes short stories and books, as well as art, songs, videos, and maybe even recipes that inspire me or connect with a story in a certain way.

Thanks for stopping by! I couldn't do this without you!

Ezekiel O Tracy
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Since publishing my first book, "The Death Diary" I have known that I am meant to be a creator. I have a lifetime of singing and performance experience, a degree in fine arts, and a more recently developed love of writing.

This is where you come into the picture. I want to create all of the content that you love to enjoy. The songs that inspire, the books that capture your imagination, and the drawings that bring worlds to life. Join me here on Patreon as a Patron to gain access to all of the work that I am doing. Let's work together to inspire others to see the beauty in our world.

For each $100 milestone in monthly support, I will release a special thank you video to all my patrons. And once we reach the $1000 mark for monthly support, I will host a live streamed creator extravaganza, featuring live singing, a reading of an exclusive short story, an interview, bonus content giveaways, and more!
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