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 Minho the emigrant! 

Hi, Minhoquinho here - it is my Capoeira nickname meaning 'little worm'...


...anyway... I moved abroad at the age of 19 with the main purpose of learning life out of my comfort zone - it worked...  Here's my story in a few pictures if you're interested.

 What am I passionate about? 

I love to learn, make and do... cool things of course. I love training capoeira, travelling close and far, playing drums, making something out of nothing or just share my emigrant stories. I almost forgot to mention about creating videos...ops!

 Why Do I create? 

I am super UNcompetitive guy... I do not and never did feel any urge or pressure of becoming a master in any of the things I do. I do not have to see every place on earth, I do not have to be the best capoeirista or drummer on earth, BUT!

  • I want to be GOOD at what I do.
  • I want to have no regrets
  • I want to be myself, 
  • I want to document and share my love to things I do.
  • I want my audience to understand (if they don't already) that creating things is very cool and they should create too - no matter what.
I believe that documenting in the form of videos has power (It is also the only option for me as I suck in writing). Videos can inspire, can teach, can entertain but can also capture the moment. I am a very nostalgic guy. I often look back, thinking how it was back in a day.

A short story of how 'the recording' started 

Together with Kasia we decided to quit our regular lives and travel the entire country of New Zealand in a camper van. This adventure was the primary reason why I started recording... 

I thought that if I could capture our New Zealand travelling adventure I could then also capture my passion to capoeira...

...and drums...

... or even when I decide to build something which I also like doing!

$0 of $2,000 per month

Even though I put a lot of work into video creating over the past 2 years, I treated it as a hobby. I noticed that it slowly starts to becoming something more... so I've decided I want to get serious.

All the videos that I made so far were recorded only with a phone and occasionally with a GoPro camera. I have no other equipment and I want to change it. I am planning to invest in small but good pocket camera, 2 good tripods, good mic, good source of light and some other small things such time laps tripod.

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