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I love to make tutorials which is to be uploaded on my YouTube Channel here: and resources for game development which you can also check here: I did try to makes some background music available on SoundCloud here: And many many more to come. All I need is a little bit support from you guys. Thank you for always watching my videos which enable me to fund what I do here. I really love doing any computer related activities specially when I am coding for a new application or games. Hopefully you could be a part of my dream. Thank you so much for reading and to know more about Bytes Crafter, please continue reading.

I am a Freelance and Indie Game Developer for almost 3 years and proficient in using Unity up to the latest version. I been on my own, making my own resources without any copyright issue which broaden my knowledge about game development. From making my own game logo and gameplay preview with the use of Adobe Photoshop, scoring my own dub and soundtrack by using several audio editing software such as Adobe Audition, compositing game trailer with the use of Adobe After Effect and Reallusion iClone for 3D animation, to designing and coding my own website with Adobe Dreamweaver. Each and every year of exposure, I manage my self to increase my capacity to make a flow less workflow. Currently, I am now also equipped with the knowledge on PHP and MySQL for database and make my own server with the use of Windows Server 2012. I am currently exploring the world of networks/connectivity of computers whether online/offline network.

Why did I start learning new coding language? If you want to make awesome games, do it online, connect your players, secure their progress. That will only be possible if you have a concrete understanding about the basic network process and internet protocols. Why you need to hire me and what will be my edge from other applicants? I can say that I've been exposed to different kinds of clients as a freelance game developer which is near related to the work environment that I will have in your company, just in case. Another thing is that Im not afraid to learn new things, hence I am challenge to feed myself with new skills. I am always enthusiast when it comes to computer related activities. I think thats all for now, if you are interested with my service, I would be happy to accept your considerable offer.
$2 of $10,000 per
I want to raise this amount not just for me. The reasons for all of this is to build a better App/Game/Software/Website Developer Community which are overcrowded with resources. As I have a vision that the only thing that holds the development of all the developers is the access to the resources. We have the idea and skill. 
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