is creating Digital Art & Speedpaints that leave her 3 hours of sleep

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Thank you so so much! It is highly appreciated!
You'll now have access to all of the 'Patron only' activity and WIP's for my upcoming artwork and animations! Also EARLY ACCESS to all of my works!
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Thank you so much!! You'll get:

 ☆Access to my 'patron only' activity and WIP's of upcomng artwork and animations

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 Thank you so much!! You'll get:  

  ☆Access to my 'patron only' activity and WIP's of upcomng artwork and animations
☆  Full size high res PNG of finished artworks for download 

+ EARLY ACCESS to all of my works!  

  ☆  PSD files (all layers) of finished artwork for studying purposes + Palette in the end of every month

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About me

I'm An, but you can call me Byu.

My style is some sort of a semi-realism? The amount of details I put into a piece also varies greatly, as sometimes I think I can't do a certain thing, and then i just simplify it, even though I would be capable of doing it.

If it comes to commissions, and drawing for others in general, I always put the most effort into these artworks. For me, it's important to provide quality artwork for others, specially if they have paid for it. So patreon is also kind of a motivator for me to always draw to my maximum abilities!
I also went through art school, Tartu Artschool to be exact, my speciality being a graphic-designer. I love my school and all the great people I met there. Thanks to that school, I've been able to improve my art alot.

What do I do

I usually do digital art, digital paintings, portratits, fully detailed artworks and so on. I occasionally record my drawing process and make it into a speedpaint. I would love do to do more speedpaints than I do right now, but it's really time consuming, and due to school, I don't have much time.
I also do animations, but in this medium, I have alooot of improving to do. I'm really not good at animating yet, but it's interesting and I would love to spend more time on it.
Last but not least, I'm also working on a web comic called "Cannot Fall Asleep". I'm not sure if I will keep this name. I'm currently writing out the script, so be patient! The pages will arrive soon!

Why support me?

I can guess that alot of people will ask "why should I pay, if I can see all the same stuff anywhere else?"
Supporting me here on Patreon would mean so much to me. I can put more time into drawing and improving myself, I could upgrade my gear so there will be less problems with the programs crashing and them not working properly; I could make more quality work with the upgraded equipment and I could put more time into what I do.
You will benefit from this too! You will get cool bonuses and PSD files for you to study my art and fully grasp it, plus high resolution wallpapers!
Your support will motivate me to work harder and make better quality content, so it'll pay off for all of us!

Thank you!
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After I graduate my current art school, I want to enroll in an art academy in a forgein country (I already have a spesific school in mind). This would help me atleast a little bit with paying rent and tuition fees.
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