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Hi there, I’m BZ Douglas, musicianevent producer, and podcaster

I came to the craft of music late in life. I waded into the waters of the New York open mic scene back in 2009 as a stand up comic, and came out a musician. The open mics are also where I met my wife, Deb Zep, who I’m now raising two rambunctious boys with in Cleveland Ohio.

I've been living in Cleveland since 2016, and slowly inched my way into the grassroots music scene here, which has proven to be every bit as vibrant and impressive as NYC. There is a real sense of community amongst the musicians here, that has been dubbed #DITCle (Do-It-Together).

As someone who feels a deep commitment to grassroots artists and the spaces that help nurture and elevate them, I started this podcast with the goal of highlighting the endless stream of musicians I've encountered and continue to encounter on my journey as a musician.
I just think of podcasting as open-mic radio. In the spirit of #DIT, I am aiming to do what I can with this medium to elevate vital voices and artists that deserve a wider audience.
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