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Wolf 359 is creating Original Audio Drama Series

866 patrons
$3,698.55 per episode

With the money we’re making on Patreon, we’re no longer losing money, we’re actually paying ourselves back. I very much see the platform as […] the start of a revolution of how art gets made and how creators can keep creating.

Kinda Funny is creating an independent production company and podcast network

5,437 patrons

We couldn’t do this without Patreon. […] Patreon takes away the level of guesswork that will actually allow you to strategically plan and grow your business.

The Bowery Boys our creating Podcasts About New York City History

888 patrons
$3,864.31 per month

We joined Patreon about 2 years ago, because we were looking for a way to be able to go from a new show every month to a new show every two weeks.

CANADALAND is creating podcasts & news

5,224 patrons
$26,118.75 per month

Direct support from our listeners keeps us accountable and lets us focus on our content and coverage. Thanks to Patreon for existing.

Aubrey Sitterson is creating professional wrestling talk shows

0 patrons
$0 per month

Patreon means freedom. […] It’s a way to produce art and content in the way it should be done: With creators connecting directly with their supporters, and no middle men.

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