100,000+ creators use Patreon to run their creative membership business

Why should video creators use membership?

Freedom from algorithms
A direct line to your fans—you get their emails, you own the relationship, and we don’t get in the way.
Predictable & sustainable revenue
Never worry about strikes or demonetization.
Connect with your biggest fans
Engage on a deeper level with the fans that matter most.

Popular features for video creators

Gated content
Easily distribute exclusive and early-access videos with your members.
Member-only livestreams
Host exclusive livestreams with your biggest fans.
Limited-time offers
Easily run limited time offers for your new show series, member-only merch, unreleased content.

Notable video creators on Patreon

Binging with Babish
Issa Rae
The Try Guys
Simone Giertz
This Might Get Weird
Beleaf in Fatherhood
The Valleyfolk
Video creator

“We use Patreon as a membership program to not only fund content, but to hold local events and give supporters exclusive perks.”

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