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You will be given Avertisment-Pass on my Discord server.

You will receive Patreon rank on my Discord server.

Please allow up to 5 DAYS for you to receive your perks. If you do not get your perks after 5 days, then feel free to contact me, you can contact by by tweeting me on Twitter @C1bradleee1 or email me at [email protected]

If you purchase this then I appreciate it! :D 

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You will receive VIP rank on my Discord Server.

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1 - Patreon rank on my Discord server.

2 - VIP rank on my Discord server.

3 - Access to all VIP voice & text channels on my Discord server, such as VIP lounge, VIP Voice, Gaming 1 & Gaming 2.

Once you've purchased you tier, please allow up to one day for you to receive your perks. If you don't receive your perks within a day, please contact Patreon Support, or DM me on Discord.

This is an extremely cheap tier for all of the perks that you will receive. If you did purchase this rank, then thank you so much! 

There will be more tiers coming soon, so stay tuned!

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I'm a British gaming YouTube with over 500 subscribers! I mainly upload Minecraft Hypixel or other Minecraft PvP related videos. I also have a merchandise shop!
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I want to try and make $5 in a month,or around £3.50 in my currency!
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