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About Tiki

Hi! My name is Caden, A.K.A Tiki, and I am a student who also has a small, beginning YouTube Channel. I mainly post Auditory Illusion and 8D Audio. Auditory Illusion is basically when any song is played in only piano, including the lyrics. This creates the illusion that you can hear lyrics, despite the fact that there are actually none. 8D Audio is a made up term, where the song moves around your head while you are wearing headphones. This makes a very unique, and interesting sound to listen to, and many believe that it is more soothing and gives the music more depth. I would really appreciate if you could donate to me, whatever the amount. Donations will go to new software to improve the channel, such as Synthesia for better Auditory Illusion videos, and Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing! Thanks so much! -Caden (Tiki)