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Hello! I am a beginner Fortnite Streamer, creating content and fun for you to watch! I started playing season 3, I didn't play any shooting games or FPS games before Fortnite. In just 3 seasons of playing (it's now Season 6) I have managed 500+ wins and a Seasonal KD of 3, and a Lifetime KD of 1.7. I also dream and plan to be an E-Sports competitive gamer, because I pick up the strategy of a game really easily, so I don't think it will be a problem. 
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I work hard every day to become better at what I do. For my streaming to become better for your entertainment, I would need your help to do so. Without you guys, it most likely wouldn't be possible.
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When I reach $20 per month, I'll be able to make my stream more fun, entertaining, better for your entertainment!
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