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About Cabbibo

Hey There!

My name is Isaac ( though I go by Cabbibo on most of the internet ) and I like make computer things! I am starting patreon because I want to make MORE computer things, and specifically computer things that companies don’t usually pay for!  Watch the video above for more of an explanation!

To give you more examples of the types of things I will be making:

Philosophic / Informative writing about XR:
EXAMPLE: 10 Quick Things I've Learned in VR

Tutorials for topics like Shaders and UX design:
EXAMPLE: Box And Ballon

Experiments and videos about those Experiments 
EXAMPLE: Exploration in responsive XR Design : BRIDGE

Actual XR, VR, AR, and just Desktop experiments you can play with:
EXAMPLE: Cabbibo's Play Pack

Open Source tools for creation in Unity, three.js and more:
EXAMPLE : THREE.JS Object Controls

And pretty much anything else I can think of!
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Coffee Maker
per month

You can help me get my daily fuel needed for creation!

Benefits include:

- Name On Thank you Site!

- Patron Only Monthly HD Image

- Access to Patron 'Media Dump' including images, videos, quirky thoughts, and writings of in progress pieces!

Lunch Maker
per month

Help with the daily sustenance I need to create!

Benefits include:

- All Benefits from lower tiers

- Access to Patron 'Build Dump' including the actual builds ! ( .exe, xcode, etc. )  

Code Dissector
per month

See whats happening in REAL TIME!

Benefits include:

- All Benefits from lower tiers

- Access to Patron 'Code Dump' including the actual code repositories for in progress projects !!! ( unity, webgl,etc )  

Time Maker
per month

For everyone person at this tier, it means I can *fully* dedicate more time to the creative process. Support at this scale ( or higher! ) will help me to get to experiment *RADICALLY* !  You are helping me to make full games, creations, experiments and tutorials in a way I can't even begin to express

Benefits include:

- All Benefits from lower tiers

- A personal thank you note and image!

- Access to a discord to give me feedback ask personally about different things you would like to see made!

Space Puppy
per month

I Love You!

Benefits include:

- All benefits from lower tiers

- A webpage, made just for *YOU* to say thanks! 

$221 of $500 per month
I will release a full tutorial every month! ranging from compute shaders to UX design, to general design juciness! Once I figure out possible tutorial options, I'll have Patrons vote on what they would like to see the most
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