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About Cachomon

Welcome to my Patreon! My name is Yvi,
also known as Cachomon.

This account, Cachomon, is the alter ego of my secondary account called BlackCachomon (NSFW account). And thanks to your help I am creating the BEST SHIMEJI you will find in the Internet!

Tiers are different in my two Patreon accounts, but BOTH will give the access to ALL the Beta Links! Just feel free to choose the best of both according to your own likes and beliefs.


A Shimeji is a mascot for your computer screen.
And this mascot can have the appeareance you want!
And that's my task, to draw and animate all the actions of the wanted character!

Together we will make THE BEST ONES
Every supporter means a lot to me! ♡
Thank you very much, really ♡


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| InkBunny | e621 | Rule34
Send me an e-mail!

Also feel free to check out my Shimeji Programmer Team Partner Kilkakon! He is who is making possible the awesome improvements on the Shimeji program itself!

☆ Feel free to read an extended version of this About page here! ☆
$67 of $100 per month
★ I will start a Tutorial [Patrons will vote the topic]
★ I will invest 10$ to support Patrons!
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