Spenser Crippen

is creating a mostly animated webcomic about mysteries and friendship

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The tier for people who are well-wishers, in that they don't wish me any specific harm.  I get that not everybody is rolling in the big money!  I know I'm not.  But if you feel like supporting me however you can, I still appreciate it!  At this tier, you can see the original storyboards for past chapters, as opposed to the preview ones for the current chapter.
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Buddies are nice and generous people!  By chipping in a smidgeon of moolah, they get access to the upcoming update's original storyboard pages!  These rough sketches may reveal CRUCIAL PLOT DETAILS prior to the release of the real deal.  You can get in on the ground floor of this narratively irresponsible program!
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Stream Buddies are nice and generous people who want a little more out of life!  For indulging this extra lust for the finer things, they get both the upcoming week's original storyboards AND first dibs on requesting a warm-up sketch when I do some art streaming!




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Hello! Thanks for checking out Caddisfly, an extremely good cinematic webcomic that I have been working on since 2015! Caddisfly is a story about friendship, monsters, time travel, horrible cosmic revelations, eating junk food while talking about horrible cosmic revelations, and general fun stuff like that!  Click HERE to take a look!

Most of the comic's pages (almost 400 as of September 2018) are animated, often elaborately so. Animation takes a lot of time and energy, so any extra cashflow I can get helps me spend more time and energy on Caddisfly and less of it making money at a real job!

I can offer some fun goodies for patrons, so please consider pledging a smidge!
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If, through the providence of millennial begging and our collective societal desperation, I start raking in these mad flaps of cash, I will be able to release MORE pages every week.  If somehow I start getting three hundo per month, I'll focus on releasing 5 pages per week instead of 3.  Thanks!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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