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About Caelin Anne

Hey y'all!

I'm Caelin, a singer and songwriter based in Austin, Texas. After spending my formative years in Northern California, I decided to hit the road for Austin, sowing the seeds of my musical career. It is here that I began my own journey of self discovery. 

Fast forward four years. I'm graduating college, and entering the real world, where I hope to make it as a full time musician.
Nowadays, "making it" as a musician simply means having an income that covers rent and puts food on the table. With the decline of recording profits, live performances are where we make most of our money. This means that many of us live without the stability of a dependable revenue stream.
That's where Patreon comes into play.
Patreon is an artist platform that allows for you, the Patron, to directly support the artists you love and make a significant impact in their live. In return, you receive exclusive content. Ascending tiers receive additional permanent perks (such as access to high quality downloads of my entire catalog), and everyone receives new, monthly content (which will be exclusive, FOREVER). 

With the support of my Patrons, I get to live the dream. Patreon makes the world a smaller, more beautiful place for musicians and fans alike. I hope you make the commitment to become a part of it. Thank you for you support!

Caelin Anne

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My goal is to build a base of consistent financial support, so I can pursue a full time career as a singer - songwriter.
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