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As a big "Thank you!" to all my awesome Patrons, each Thursday You will get early access to that week's update!

I will also post World Lore updates each month, allowing You to find out stuff about the setting unbeknownst to regular readers!

That is, in addition to that happy feeling of knowing You are helping me get a little closer to my life-long dream ^^

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The wonderful Patrons of this tier, being honorary members of the Malqish guild of their choice, will (in addition to the 1st tier early access) get sneak peeks regarding other projects I am working on, such as short stories and homebrew tabletop content. While these are things that will eventually be released for all, members of this tier will get not only early access but may even take part in shaping them! Yes, your comments and feedback can help shape my creations!
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In addition to the rewards of lower tiers, any Patron that has been at this tier for at least 3 months will receive a free, signed copy of Voidwalker the Book! (once it is completed, of course)





Chances are you found your way here through my website but in case you didn't come from there, allow me to tell you about me and what I do.

I am Caendur and I am a storyteller. Or, at least, I like to tell stories, which I suppose makes me a storyteller. I enjoy thinking up new characters, building worlds, and giving these things life through tales. I always have.

I have been writing in one form or another ever since I was a teenager, when I got started online as a way to make friends (I was always rather socially awkward and introverted). Over time, I began writing more for my own sake, as a way to cope with my depression and simply because I like the creativity of it.

Even before I started writing, though, I wanted to be an author. All my life I have dreamed up my own worlds and filled them with my own stories, and I have always enjoyed sharing these things with the world. And that's what is all about, sharing my creations with any who want to take part in them.

It is my hope you will find the novels and short stories I put there to your liking and will find it in your heart to help me get a little closer to my dream of supporting myself by telling these stories, of devoting myself fully to this calling of mine.

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While 5 Patrons might not seem like a lot of people, it adds up. Specifically, it adds up to covering the bills for hosting the site and as such! I could keep Voidwalker freely available online for as long as you gracious Patrons keep supporting me!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 66 exclusive posts

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