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First, There Was One.
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A sneak peak at my Patreon only Crescent City Confidential writing schedule and a warm meow from Bailey, aka Boo Boo Cakes and Solaris.

Then There Were Two
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Strange adventures of said writer. See the influences of future stories as I travel to wild places, do wild and nerdy things that will impact CCC.

The Prophecy. Three Entities.
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A polished Crescent City Confidential short story (digital prose only) and all previous awards.





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Hey there. My name is Jada (JC) Brazil, former game industry vet and a current voice actor. I want to write about a classy world that involves flappers, androids, super humans and a 10,000 year old prophecy, then let you listen in 40s' radioshow style. How's it going?

JC’s Pedigree From Another Life

In a past life, I worked in the entertainment industry, but working on set murdered my patience and feet. Loving bagels and air conditioning, I then worked for various Fortune 500 game/tech companies such as EA, Activision, Microsoft and smaller places like Big Fish Games. Not to mention various startups and such. In current events, I now earn a living as a Meisner trained Method actor who talks into a mic for cash. You may have heard my voice on PBS, The New York Times, various radio stations, video games , albums and audiobooks. I get around.

About JC and Crescent City Confidential’s Influence
My Mother was a big hard boiled fan as well as an art aficionado. I grew to love Bogart, Bacall, Wells and other contemporary cop stories like Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice. Though my childhood was humble, Mom still adorned her house with Art Deco and Art Nouveau thrift. I learned about Amsel, Dupas, de Lempicka and such. My late Father, on the other hand, was one of those cool nerds who loved Star Trek, Star Wars, Computers and Science Fiction. He inspired me to always look to the stars, to find a role model in Nichelle Nichols and remember that space is the final frontier.
But enough about that. You want to know about the good stuff. Despite my fun time in the game industry, my passion always resided with writing cartoons, comics, science fiction and noire. After my initial immersion within Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner as a child, I knew I wanted to live in a world like that...but classier, more dangerous. But you know how 'adulting' is; the dream is so big! Who would want to frolic with me in a world of aliens, robots, man made people, dandies and flappers?
Well, to my surprise...many.

What is Crescent City Confidential?
Crescent City Confidential is my Pacific Northwest homage to neo science fiction with a bit of class. Blade Runner meets The Great Gatsby. A personal wink to Bendis’ Sam and Twitch, DeConnick’s Bitch Planet, Brubaker’s Fatale, Tezuka’s Metropolis, Asimov’s Foundation and Stephensen’s The Diamond Age. Guys. Dames. Synthetic People teetering in Uncanny Valley. Superhumans. A 10,000 year old prophecy that impacts the multiverse. Love and Silicone. Solid cocktails.

Why Patreon?
I quit my tech job to follow my dreams and I need the help. I have disgustingly big dreams for Crescent City Confidential! When I say big, I mean I want to have enough to live comfortably so I can dedicate my time to writing, performing VO, training Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) to keep me healthy/sane, have a vacation every now and then and wrangle an artist to make the series into comic books and graphic novels.
The past three years have been rough and most of Crescent City Confidential is already planned, outlined or first drafts are written. Yes. I know that’s strange for a writer to have a near finished world in the hopper, but with family issues, running my own business and trying to survive, all I could do is write away my stress and throw it in a drawer for later. Well, ‘Later’ is here and I’m ready to get an editor and beta readers involved so the publishing train can roll out.

What Do You Get If You Support Crescent City Confidential?
Depending on your level of support every month, you’ll get:
  • A sneak peak at my Patreon only Crescent City Confidential writing schedule, Brazilian jiu jitsu (bjj) struggles through the eyes of an older black chick, nerdy updates and a warm meow from Bailey, aka Boo Boo Cakes and Solaris.
  • Random tips, tricks, podcast prep and resources about how to break into Voice Acting from someone who broke in the hard way as well as CCC Patron only blog updates.
  • A polished Crescent City Confidential short story (prose only) and all previous awards.
  • A polished Crescent City Confidential short story (digital prose only), a matching micro radioshow and all previous awards.
  • I can offer to perform a small Voice Over of Patron’s choice for private or commercial use and all previous awards.

Why 2300.00 per month?
I currently live in Seattle, WA. It's expensive, but I made strong roots here. My Mom lives here, so I can't leave. I would like to live in a safe area that’s quiet so I can write and perform VO without much hassle. Having my own space would mean guaranteed quiet and focus. Even though I do get adequate voice over work that pays most bills, it’s not enough to live off of AND pay for a dedicated artist. Anything else above 2300.00 can slowly sunset my VO freelance work and allow me to focus strictly on CCC. My cats need shelter and kibble. I need veggies and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Help a sistah out.

What Will Happen After You Finish Your Writing?
After Patrons get first dibs at every short story finished, delivered and enjoyed, all completed work will be compiled to a collection of prose for publishing. All Patrons at the 5 dollar award and above mark will get a free digital copy before anyone else. After the prose is published, it will broken into scripts for comics to be paneled. While the artist is at work, I want to have Crescent City Confidential recorded as a podcast radioshow with a small, but talented cast. This takes time and I want to pay a team a living wage so we can continue to make wonderful things stress free. I will keep consistent updates about physical prose and comics and let you know how to get copies.
Stay classy, internet and thank you for believing in me.
$49 of $2,300 per month
I'm trying to hit 2300.00 per month to pay for safe, quiet place to stay and focus on Crescent City Confidential. Seattle is mega expensive and my cats need kibble and litter! I still work as a freelance Voice Actor for my other expenses (cellphone, bjj, eating and utilities). I'm pretty frugal.

Anything over the 2300 per month will go towards savings for hiring a bookkeeper,  a comic artist, a book cover artist for physical books, better recording equipment for radioshows and savings so I can retire doing what I love!
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