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About Cala Vera

Thoughts are transient, illuminated, energetic impulses. Thoughts flash quickly, offering insight and depth before spiraling into the vibrational collective, escaping awareness while reaffirming perspective.

I've been finding myself in the throes of wild and dynamic transformation and have, for the last few years, held deep dissatisfaction in carrying out the roles that I have perpetuated throughout my lifetime. There has been natural movement towards severing or healing ties and relationships that are no longer feeling positive and supportive.

Perhaps you have felt some of this urging, as well? Is anyone else feeling physical symptoms that they can't explain, like unexpected tiredness or, conversely, sudden bursts of energy and inspiration to move, stretch, shake etc, high pitched sounds and frequencies in the ears, headaches, body aches, or feeling spaced out? 

I'm experiencing what can only be described as vibrational frequency shifts, extremely regularly, and it's been happening for the last 5 years or so, amping up in intensity over the last year. I'm exploring it with an open heart and inviting all who wish to join me in adding insight to experience.

I've stumbled into an incredible journey, a psychonaut seeker who is going deeper, and I come back, with radiance. I believe that I am here to help anchor and support the light that is forming the structure of the new fourth density reality grid that we are moving towards and I am excited to be growing into this realization. 

My intention is to savor these moments, reflecting them as inspiration and nourishment for the soul who is resonant enough to appreciate them and gracious enough to support me in serving and sharing my experience in this way.

I'm a being in a body, at least some of the time, and as such I know that I create and experience a unique perspective, as do each one of us. I offer it wholly and in service to you, and to the Love that connects and supports us.  Thank you for being a beautiful presence.

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This is my favorite number and my first Patreon goal. I've seen this number rise up in my midst over and over again for well over 20 years. It brings me luck and gives me pause to reflect and to be mindful. It was my roller derby number back in the day. I have it tattooed on my body, because, meaning! It seems like a good first goal. Thank you for helping me reach it!
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