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pledge $2 and let me know a relationship post you'd like to see (sagittarius and taurus, etc.)! the post will be prioritised in the list of couple posts i currently have, and will be released the next monday :-) 
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sun + moon chart reading: 

pledge $7 and provide me with your date and place of birth, and i will look at whereabouts the sun and the moon were when you took your first breath. this chart reading is an interpretation of the bare bones of who you are and what you're about - your conscious goals and unconscious needs in life, what you're like to live with, the way your inner and outer self blend together to create the whole. this type of chart reading is really interesting to look at if you're not too familiar with astrology terms or if you don't have the patience to read through pages and pages of interpretations! :-)
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planetary chart reading: 

donate $14 and provide me with your date and place of birth, and i will take the location of the planets in your chart and translate them to show you how they affect and shape you through life. this chart reading is more detailed than hearing about just the sun and the moon, it indicates toward your family life, work ethic, love life, fears and struggles, talents and hobbies. however it isn't as in depth as a full reading. this chart is ideal if you want to know a bit more about yourself but don't know your exact birth time, or if you aren't knowledgable on astrology terms but want more detail and more to read about! :-)




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who am i? 

hi, i'm kira!! i am studying astrology in the hopes of becoming a professional astrologer someday. i release written blog posts to do with various aspects of astrology, and i take requests for posts :-) i am also available for chart reading commissions, where i can interpret your birth chart and how that affects you as a person.

why become a patron? 

i am on patreon because i am unfortunately unemployed and struggling to find work right now. i am really passionate about studying astrology and if i had a job, i would like to be aiming to gain qualifications and become a professional astrologer. this account helps me to cover daily living costs and enables me to start saving a little money here and there to start studying astrology properly, as well as buying materials such as books. 

your patronage enables me to be able to keep writing and releasing content for you all to read! it also helps me with daily living costs and lets me keep studying :-) 

i hope you enjoy my content, and please feel free to message me here if you have any questions! 

- kira xo 
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if i receive $100 in patronage, i will host a giveaway on my blog, giving away 1 free full natal chart reading and 1 free sun + moon reading!!
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