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I'm the CEO and founder of Callaway Co. and ever since i was young I was always wanted to create my own clothing brand, something I could call my own and now that I am older my ambitions is to make Callaway Co. a successful worldwide clothing brand and deliver outstanding quality clothes. The most obvious thing someone needs to start a brand is capital and being at an age where jobs do not pay a lot this is very difficult hence why I am asking for any generous donations to help me on my journey to create my brand. My goal is to have Quality Clothes made from the finest materials made in a humane way and not mass produced. I am very new to patreon so if you have any feedback or anything email me [email protected] FREE DELIVERY TO UK ONLY! FRIENDLY REMINDER PRICES ARE PRECISE BECAUSE I AM IN THE UK SO I HAVE TRANSLATED USD TO GBP SO I DONT LOOSE MONEY WHEN YOU DONATE AND I CAN ACTUALLY OUT MY DONATIONS TO USE
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I'll hire a team in order to help me with my business.
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