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I'm figuring Patreon out right now and I don't have a lot to offer beyond my usual work... but any support will be received with much gratitude! A little bit goes a long way.




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Yip, YIP!!! My name is Alejandra - the thru-hiker cartoonist of the autobiographical adventure comic, Rock On, Rocket Llama!

On May 1st, 2013, I reached my hand through a hole in an old battered fence and touched Mexican soil on the other side. Then, I turned north, and started to walk. My goal was to walk to the Canadian border, 2,650 miles away.

I failed.

5 months. 2,253 miles. Fire, water, hunger, pain, camaraderie. This is the story of a northbound thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail in the year of 2013. My medium of choice is comics.

Much like I did on the trail, I now live hand-to-mouth on a dime, in order to follow my dreams and create this labor of love. If you'd like to support the comic and feed a starving artist, become a patron! Throw a dog a bone!
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Hey, it doesn't hurt to have goals! If I met this goal, my monthly rent would be paid and I would be able to live and produce comics without the usual anxiety.
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