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About Call Number

Black Lit—All year long

Every month, we compile a list of upcoming published books and comb through several works before making the final selections for which books will be featured in our Call Number Fiction and Nonfiction book boxes. Often, we're torn between two or more books and wish we could include them all in the box, but unfortunately, we have to select just one. Still, there are always other books that are just as worthy of gracing our boxes. Some of the books we come across are highly anticipated by readers while others are very obscure by new or unheard of authors. We recognize that not everyone has the time or wherewithal to find Black literature other than what's mainstream or easily accessible--and let's keep it one hundred, most of it is not.

So we've created a monthly reading list, for Call Number subscribers and followers alike, which collocates all of the literature we find in a given month so that you will have a place to start when looking for a new Black author to experience or just something good to read. We'll also select at least one title from the reading list to include in a monthly book review for readers who want a little more insight into why a book is worth the read. Book reviews will come with some special content related to the book that can't be found anywhere else!

MANY THANKS to all of our fans and patrons! We're super excited that you're interested in joining our extended community.

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