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Human, right now, right here, on this moment, you have turned into Calvo's best pal. In reward for your contribution, Me and Calvo will be forever thankful for your kindness. This will always make us remember this name: 'Lovenstein'.
That being said, I will release extra art in high definition here, which of course only my patrons will get the chance to check!




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About Gaston S. Gimenez

Calvo is a human citizen of José Mármol, persuaded that the most extraordinary things are happening at all times, everywhere. You just have to be aware enough of this fact to be able to appreciate it.
That’s why Calvo is a man on a mission on the surroundings of his hometown, portraying the place and it’s lovely inhabitants the best way possible. But beware, because this infectious will might inspire the most strange and dangerous beings. Death itself might get interested.
The encyclopedia of the unusual is a story about love, friendship, and how a passion that knows no boundaries can take you to places nobody else could without it.
Now, about the author:
This is the work that pushes me forward. As long as I share the same values this story shows, I will keep pushing Calvo forward, so he pushes me further.
This is an idea that’s been in my mind for years, and took several tries (failed attempts) before I hit this version, which I believe is the definitive.
At the moment, I am planning on doing 2 updates a month. The length of each update may vary according to sequences length (my main goal is to avoid unwanted cliffhangers due to release schedule), but I will let people know in advance every month.
Tiers? Hum… I am planning to add tiers and rewards on the future. But right now, I believe focusing on what should stay always as my main objective, is the right way to start things off.
That being said, if you happen to have Spanish as your first language and would like this to be released in Spanish too, let me know. I will work on a dual release as fast as possible.
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