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About Calyfern

Hey there! Thanks for checking out my Patreon!

I'm Calyfern, and my online art journey began nearly 15 years ago. My possible crowning achievements during that time were either when I turned Squall Leonhart into a cactus, or turned some of the Doctors into Lemmings (no, not those onesthese ones). Obviously as a joke. A project that never saw completion.

... Or will it? Stick around and you may find out. Concepts may appear on this page. Long lost art may resurface, and comic drafts might hint at things to do with a joke that took on a life of its own.

Along the way I'm going to be learning and relearning. Works-in-progress, behind-the-scenes and any tips or tricks I find along the way.

Sound interesting? Then come along for the ride! The journey's more fun with company.
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With this goal I'll be opening up the pre-digital vaults and sharing my early art obsessions (curious about a fan-created Godzilla from over 20 years ago? I've got you covered).
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