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The Itty Bitty Reward for The Lovely People
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A simple dollar may not be a lot, but to me it's like a bazillion dollars. It truly means so much and it will only go back into helping my channel grow.
The You're Almost My Favorite Person EVER!
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WHOA THANK YOU! Why're you spending more than a dollar on me! This means so much to me you have no idea! I'm trying to create better rewards for the future, but for now it'll have to stay like this. I'm creating a Discord Server, so that'll soon be all for you when I get that added. But for right now, I'm going to shout you out at the end of my next video, so keep an eye out for that!




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About CamachoGaming

My name is Alexis Camacho, and if you're reading this right now, I just want to say two things:


2. If you're going to do what I think you're going to do, thank you so much!

It truly mean a lot know that you are here right now. I'm currently a college student with a full-time job. I have to pay the bills somehow. I do Youtube as a hobby. I love doing Youtube and bringing the best content I can to my viewers. But my recent change of style in my videos makes them more complicated to make, and they take a long time to produce. I would love to make Youtube videos full-time, but there's no way I can. BUT with your help, I am one step closer to that goal.

Every $ I make from here will only go back into my channel, and make it the best and most beautiful channel it can be. I would love to go from "uploading every now and then like I've done since 2013" to " releasing multiple videos a month with each of them delivering the best viewer experience as possible." Every view, every like and comment, and now every patron, will only push me to surpass my limits and be the best Youtuber I can be. I thank you guys so much, and I appreciate everything you do and will do! 

Peace out loves, this is Camacho, signing off.
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I'm still a small Youtuber, with small tech and small things. I want to be able to grow everything! My gaming library, my tech (like an elgato) and stuff like that are on this list. SOO if you wanna help me grow my channel to being something bigger and better, help me get there!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post