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You're down to help, but it's a little tight.  We get it.  We'll shout you out on the CAMcast for kickin us what you can!
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About CAMautoMag

Hello and welcome to our humble little Patreon page! We're CAMautoMag, a humble little outfit of automotive enthusiasts in Salt Lake City, Utah and we love shooting photos and videos at the events we attend, and giving you the bi-weekly (twice a week, not the other way) CAMcast podcast. While we love recording and hitting events, we need a little help to do so. With you helping us out, we can keep bringing you awesome content. And obviously we're not gonna forget those who help us out!
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Thank you for showing us as much love and support as you have!  We're already close to our next goal: $200.  Once we hit $200, we will start live streaming the podcast recordings to the CAM Shenanigans Super Secret Facebook Group!  You can see how the podcasts get made, and be able to chat with us in real time!
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