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is creating Vlogs, films and attempting to row
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About Cam Buchan


My name is Cam (Cameron) Buchan. I am a full time rower rowing at Leander Club currently attempting to make it back onto the British Rowing team after having a season out due to illness. During the illness (and recovery of it) I started vlogging, after all, out of every obstacle there can be an opportunity. The vlog is documenting my journey through life. This Patreon is to help give exclusive opportunities to the YAMSQUAD and to help me continue to row full time while continuing the vlogs!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions!
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I have had amazing support from the YAMSQUAD so far, the postive messages have been amazing. To reach 25 Patreons would mean a massive portion of stess related to where my next pay cheque would be coming from. Patreon contributions are literally going to rent, bills and food (because food is fuel).
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