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If it's all you can do than its perfect. And I give you a thank you shout out
Tips and tricks
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Ask me anything about how i get shots and I'll tell you how I get the shoots or edits i do. And a thank you shout out
BTS and Live editing video
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I'll show you what happens behind the scenes of any of the shoots I'm doing and provide a link to my live stream of the editing before anyone else. And a thank you shout out
Photo Challenge
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Give me an object or situation or both to shoot and I will shoot it, edit it, and post it with you as credited Creative Director. And a thank you shout out
I edit your photo (weird or retouched)
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Send me one of your photos and I'll edit it for you (on live stream or not) and post it. And a thank you shout out
We do a shoot.
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If you live in the Orlando area, we can shoot. Any idea or concept, I'll edit in on live stream, and submit them to a magazine. And a thank you shout out
Super Shooter
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I plan a studio shoot with a amazing model I know (or you or your product even if you have one), with a concept of your choice that we flesh out and bring to life. post BTS with you as the creative director, I'll edit all the best photos, stream the editing with Q&A's, Submit them to get front page of a magazine with you as the creative director (and model if you're the model). And a huge thank you video from me and the model. 




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About Cameo LaRryse

My name is Cameo LaRryse, I am a photographer from Orlando Florida.

I love photography, I love coming up with simple and/or complex ideas to create beautiful works of art with someone else, Taking any and everything I see and thinking "that would be a nice photo piece" with unusual things in the world like cardboard, random pieces of scrap, sawdust, food, etc.

I want to be able to create things with anyone for anything. I want to collaborate with photographers, models, MUAs, hair stylists, designers, whether they are complete beginners or professionals. Bringing a community of creatives together, even if its just one big project, you never know who might see it. A lot of creatives never get the chance to just be able to... create. I've met photographers that do nothing but keep others down just because they see some kind of competition, If should never be how a community supports each other. So I want to bring us all together and see what we can do. No limitations.
Want to see what I've done so far? website Instagram
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Start doing a concept shoot outdoors every other week with models in the community and submit them and I will do live streams weekly where I edit anyone's photo with requests on how to edit them.
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