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About Cameron Raps

Hi all! I'm Cameron Raps, and The Spell Breaker Chronicles is my story.

"To make a wish is the simplest and oldest kind of magic, and ever since the first soul began to wish and want, the cosmos began to bend to the will of intelligent beings. These first souls were the gods, and by their will, the universe came into being.

"Eons later, the gods are mostly silent, speaking only in cryptic riddles and codes. Seeking to religate themselves to their primordial parents, a group of wise sages organized themselves into an order of Cryptotheologists known as the Anonym.

"Through their efforts, the world remains at peace with the metacosmic forces that threaten all life. Over the course of human history, many spells, both blessings and cursings, have been both cast and broken, eventually leading to the creation of the Wardveils, the barriers between the mundane and the supernatural. But the balance is delicate, and anything--or anyone-- with enough power could tip the scales and break the spells that keep ordinary folk from beholding the extraordinary reality kept from them."

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