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Hi, I am Cam. I wanted to learn how to sail and live the Florida lifestyle. I moved to St. Pete, FL from Indiana and got a Free 1976 Catalina 27 sailboat that needed lots of TLC. I have been working on her and posting videos about the journey on youtube. I have never owned a boat or been on a sailboat before this sailboat. I want to make videos documenting everything I do to, on and around the boat. Basically bring you along for the ride!

With your contribution as a Patreon she can have all the necessary work done that she needs. If we can reach our first goal she will be hauled out of the water and a fresh coat of bottom paint. I will then paint the Hull, deck and work on making her pretty! Then, work on more preventative repairs as well. There is plenty of things to spend money on. This patreon money will go straight to the sailboat in form of repair and preparation for the sail to Key West. I have done everything to get her sailable and now she just needs the extra steps of turning her into the pretty and functional girl she once was. 

I have hit a point where I can either move forward and keep fixing her up and making videos or sell her to someone with money and stop making videos. I hope with your help of reaching the goal of $500 per video we can fix her up and sail to Key West while documenting everything and making videos of the journey. Unfortunately I have run out of money and this is the only way I can keep making videos and moving forward, if we don't meet our goal I will not be able to keep her and will not make videos anymore. 

If we hit our goal, I will make at least 1 video per week and no more than 2 videos per week. All boat related content. No more Car or Motorcycle videos. haha, unless everyone agrees that they would like to see some of that too. 

If we don't meet our goal by August 26th 2017, all the Patreons that have contributed will be reimbursed and the project won't continue. If we DO meet our goal by Aug. 26th then we will have a great time ahead of us! I have a lot of ideas and plans for content and I think you will enjoy it very much!
$5 of $500 per
When we get to $500 per video by Aug. 26th '17 the boat can be hauled out of the water and bottom paint will be replaced. Hull and deck paint will be done by me and a bunch of needed things will be worked on by me. Basically she will be nice and pretty on the outside.  After that we can make her nice and pretty on the inside! You will be able to watch the entire process!
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