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About Cam Kendell

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Hey, I'm Cam Kendell, a freelance Illustrator and Comic Artist.

Making comics, and Youtube videos about making said comics is my passion. Alas, it has been a great struggle to make them happen consistently. Children eat food, Bills must be paid, and I've had to turn most of my creative efforts to the soul sucking, black void-like struggle that is freelance client work. The goal of this Patreon campaign is to attempt to make Comics my full-time work.

Throughout this campaign I'll be working on various comics projects, long and short, and sharing the process with you. Current projects include Percival Pundragon and Choose Your Gnome Adventure.

Percival Pundragon is a webcomic I began in 2013 (the first 60 pages are still online here). I had a blast telling this story and interacting with readers. Sadly it suffered a slow and painful death as the demand to find and fulfill Client Work smothered it from existence. Since then my art skills, nunchuck skills, and story-telling skills have grown and now I want to relaunch the webcomic with your help! Through support from this campaign, characters are being redesigned, the story revamped, and new ideas developed! I'm super excited to share this story and other stories with all y'alls as well as showing you all the behind the scenes stuff that goes into creating comics!

Thank you for "Patron-izing" me!

For Patrons: Rewards like Comic PDFs, Photoshop files, Iivestream dates, and such can be found in the Creator Posts section. You can also turn on email notifications.
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  • ORB of TRUTH: All Patrons ($2+) will be invited to join an exclusive, monthly live-stream. We'll chat, You'll ask questions, and I'll draw comics!
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