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Let me know what you'd like to see! Are you more interested in 3D printing? Laser cutting? Pottery? I'll prioritize requests from patrons who are giving $5 per video. If you're working on a specific project, your input will help me choose to make videos related to your work.




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About Duane Johnson

In our era, we have the ability to create like no generation before us. The tools we need are affordable and available at makerspaces around the world, and the information that fuels creativity is amplified by the internet. I'm making videos to help you learn about these tools and ideas, and I'm starting with my local makerspace in Salt Lake City.

Here're some examples of things I'm teaching:

  • Check out the ESP8266 Internet of Things video series I made, starting with Episode 1.
  • Before Make Salt Lake, there was EnjiGo. We bought a laser cutter, and there was much rejoicing. Here's a video explaining how to send files to the laser cutter.
  • My sister and I made a wooden pizza on the laser cutter using Inkscape. See how.

If you like what you see, and you'd like to support more local video making, consider joining the cause!
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Currently, I use the free version of Vimeo to host instructional videos. This allows me to store 500MB of video each week. Once in a while, I have to wait a week before I can publish two videos in a row. If I achieve this goal, I will be able to pay for a Vimeo "Pro" account and publish videos more frequently.
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