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is creating a true crime podcast.
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About Canadian True Crime

Hi there - thanks so much for listening to my podcast!

Your pledge will be put towards the cost of creating the show - this means equipment, hosting, resources and more.

So far, patron support has enabled me to:

  • build a website 
  • hire a graphic designer with podcast experience to re-brand the podcast (leading to a feature on the Apple Podcasts Canada homepage and inclusion in its #BestOf2018 list 
  • pay for ongoing research and writing assistance 
  • plus a whole bunch of other little things.

My long-term goal is to start producing bonus episodes just for this patreon channel.  

Until then, please enjoy these benefits of your support - see my options at the right. :)

100% complete
At this level, I'll be able to hire another writer to write bonus episodes. :)
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