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Who are we?

Canberra is home to dozens of game developers. CanDev supports and brings together this diverse community to share knowledge, showcase projects, test games, help each other out, create conversations, connections and opportunities, and make better games!

CanDev launched on 16 April 2014, with Canberra's first Pizza & Pixels game developer networking and playtesting meetup.

Our online membership has grown to nearly 500 members, with meetups regularly drawing 40-90 attendees, ranging from aspiring and established game developers, to students, playtesters, and industry supporters.

Check out games made by our members at

What can we do with your support?

With your support we can do more: better meetups and more cool things to help Canberra's game development community.

CanDev is a purely volunteer-lead group, with members arranging meetups, bringing games, marketing and creating resources. We have traditionally charged Pizza & Pixels attendees a small fee for pizza and drinks, with little remaining to go towards future meetups.

We have received some sponsorship in the past, which has gone a long way to allowing us to run more and bigger events and attract new members. Our events have expanded from our core Pizza & Pixels meetup to include events such as open, informative discussions about the business of making video games (Career Mode), post-mortems of local games (Life After Launch) and public showcases of our work at Reload Bar & Games (Pre-PAX Warmups).

With your help we can continue these events, attract a wider audience, reach out to great speakers for Career Mode, and continue to support and expand the local development community. CanDev can't exist without support of members and generous patrons.

Why is this important?

New ideas, finding out about a job, game competition or grant, having a new person play your game and offer up feedback you've never heard before, having someone to bounce design ideas off, a regular monthly deadline to motivate you to get a new build of your game ready, advice from people who've already tackled the issue you're working on - CanDev provides all this and more.

Networking at Pizza & Pixels has created job opportunities for local developers. It has led members to seek and receive grants and funding to complete their projects. It's created friendships and working relationships that have made our industry stronger. It has provided vital feedback that has improved projects, making the final games better and more commercially viable.

CanDev is an important part of Australia's game development industry and Canberra's innovation sector. Your support helps us continue providing events, networking, education and opportunities for this growing but under-supported industry.

Thank you :)

Thanks for taking the time to read about CanDev. Your interest and support means a lot to us. We want you to know that every member appreciates any contribution you can make to keep us going and growing.

Thanks again :)

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