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About Jarin Jove

I am Jarin Jove, I am a Youtube Podcaster, blogger, video gamer, and I've always been partial to criticizing and arguing against bad beliefs based on rational skepticism. 

I've been labeled by others as arrogant, opinionated, selfish, an SJW, anti-religious, an angsthiest, naive, idiotic, stupid, and an Uber Rational Feminist for my views. 

Nevertheless, I'm of the opinion that we should be willing to change their views based upon hard, scientific evidence and statistically significant data sets that attempt to be as impartial as possible. Alternative Facts and personal insults are unconvincing to me. 

If you share in my belief in basing one's views on rational skepticism and enjoy my criticisms and arguments, then please subscribe to my channel! I only ask for however much that you feel that I deserve. 

Thank you for reading this post, watching my content, and supporting me. 
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