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About Cannibinaid

Thank you so much for visiting our page and believing in us. Cannibinaid is a R&D group composed of two inventors, Tyler Kovalevich (Khem Boi/Me) and Quinton Mohr. We would like to build inventions to help people better themselves and the world around them, including a hydrogen generator, a wristband computer, and a lab-in-a-box, but we can't afford it as of right now.  Tyler is a musician, chemist, want's to share his love for music/science, and wants to help change the word. Quinton is an electrical engineer, critical thinker, and innovator who wants to help make the world a better place. We both want to be able to focus on helping the world and building inventions, and are looking for anyone who is willing to help join the ride.
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We can afford lab equipment soon! This will help us get to building and working on our dreams.
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