is creating Streams, Roblox GFX, Advertisements, and sometimes more!
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About caone_rblx

I wanted a place my viewers could see my work and also support it. So this is my Patreon.

The official Patreon of caone on Roblox.  You can contact me @caone_rblx on twitter or over the Roblox site.
Now actually about me:
  • This Patreon directly correlates to me as far as Roblox goes
  • I make Roblox GFX
  • I stream on twitch and periodically go on twitter
  • I have basic knowledge in both building and scripting on Roblox
  • I can make UIs
So that's me, cya around. :)

Examples of my work:
Can be found on my twitter or in #graphics of my discord server.
Also here's one:

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