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You're not sure but you're pretty sure you just heard a werewolf howl in the near by area...

Here's what you get in the Harvest Moon Tier:
  • You'll get a weekly PDF sketchbook
    Featuring some of my most poplar convention mash-up commissions and prints.
  • News of projects
    Including all my upcoming convention appearances
  • Roy's werewolf gratitude

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Yup! It was a werewolf alright and you were bitten and you're starting to feel the change.

Here's what you get in the Blood Moon Tier:

Exclusive access to the spin-off of Capes & Babes!
This will be the only place Roy the Werewolf strip will
be appearing.

Patreon sponsor shout out
Located on the home page of Capes & Babes - former home of my Project Wonderful side bar ads.
You can also choose to be anonymous, if you want.

Capes & Babes Patreon only fanart gallery
Draw any Capes & Babes character and have it featured in the Capes & Babes Patreon Only gallery.

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Don't worry - it doesn't feel all that strange being a werwolf. In fact, you're feeling pretty darn confident, you handsome wolf, you!
Here's what you get in the Wolf Moon Tier:
    Email me your photo and I will digitally draw you as a cartoon werewolf. This is a popular thing I do at conventions. Let's see if we can have just as much fun!
  • A time-lapse video of each cartoon werewolf I draw.

    This would be a one-time tier reward. Once the slots fill up, I won't open the tier again until I have completed all ten cartoon werewolves.




Hi, I'm Chris Flick. Some of you might know me as the creator of Capes & Babes - a webcomic about a comic book shop in a small strip mall with one crazy werewolf that I started waaaay back in 2007. Those of you that have seen me at conventions know I also create illustrations, cartoon mash-ups, caricatures and accept commissions.

My convention appearances - along with my full-time job as a web and UI/UX designer - put a bit of a dent in the regular updates I had been doing for Capes & Babes for eight years. But now I am looking to do a spin off of my main werewolf character, Roy called Roy the Werewolf.

And I'm using Patreon to do it.

So what is Patreon and how does it work?

Pateron is a subscription service.
Payments are charged on the 1st of the month and rewards are distributed throughout that month. You can downgrade, upgrade or cancel at any time.

Example: If you pledge in June, you would be charged on July 1st and you receive your June goodies in July (and continues like this if you stay subscribed). You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your pledge at any time.

What are tiers and rewards?

Check to your right and you will see different moon phases. Each moon represents a different tier that offers you different rewards. Join that tier and get those rewards - PLUS get all the rewards in all the tiers above it as well!

For example, let's say you join the Wolf Moon tier, not only do you get all the rewards in that tier, you also get everything in the Blood Moon and Harvest Moon tiers as well.

That's really about it. I will be making a Patreon video soon. In the meantime, check out the tiers to your right and see all the cool stuff you can get if YOU decide to become a werewolf too! AWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOO!

Thank you for your time and here are some more places where you can check out my work:

The comic strip: CAPES & BABES
My Online Store:  Capes & Babes Storeenvy
My Portfolio Site:

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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