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About CapnMatt

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The 3 Ring Social Circus: Yours for being a patron!

For supporting my sailing adventure, you get my entire 3 Ring Social Media Training Course drip fed to you - in bite size content chunks every week - for as long as you support this environmental and songwriter sailing adventure. 

Be entertained! 

(Watch sample training on the GrogBlog!)

The 3 Ring Social is a personal media manager training course, either for yourself or for offering your services to all of the businesses on the web who need this. This course is a continuing education course (because social media is always in process) and has a cost of $199 - but it's all yours as a $5 Patron!
See the other pledge amounts for getting even more stuff.

This is now the only place you can get this training course. Become a Patron here and you get immediate access to recorded social media sessions. Begin watching anytime it's convenient for you.

PLUS you can download my music whenever I post it to Patrons-Only. And you get the personal excitement of following me around on my adventures.

I could have set this up as online web learning classes somewhere - but it's a lot more fun this way.

Make the $10 pledge choice and your web link will be carved right into the Crew Members Display page that gets regularly featured and updated on the Adventure GrogBlog.

The 3 Ring Social consists of:

1. Social setups and fast track sharing basics

2. Fixing your profile so people remember you

3. Adding character and personality - Your Story!

4. Instantly curating incredible content

5. Templates for making your landing pages

6. How to add your own subscriber webform

7. Multiplying your customers, fans, traffic, leads

8. Clear Instructions for how to do everything!

The GrogBlog

Follow me around on my travel adventures. This is a learning curve joy ride. You will love it!

See GrogBlog posts below. The place to return for all updates.

I'm a social media wrangler (coaching), a sailor, musician and a struggling wayfarer - trying my best to make a difference in this world. I am 64 and feel like 46. How are you feeling today?

Creating content is my full-time job. Seven days a week, almost any hour of the day or night.

Yes. I've been a songwriter since 1967. I have music to give you.

To produce my content, every week I need to determine what will help you next, compose it, estimate time and costs, do the project, shoot video while I'm doing it, edit it - and then make sure you get to see it all produced and finished.

And then I need your feedback on what you want next - or how you like my songs.

I'll keep adding your frequently asked questions here. Favorite this page and do a return visit often, OK?


(Newest questions are answered in the Creator Posts below)

Q: How do I get access to the content and training videos you create?

A: You will see the content download buttons in your activity feed, randomly, like unexpected surprises - and an email notification. Plus I will laser-display it in the sky right over your house (well, maybe not everyday though).

Q: If you're 64 and a musician, have you ever met Jimi Hendrix?

A: I went to see him twice when he came around Detroit to play - end of my high school years. (Too crowded, couldn't get backstage at all)

Q: Are you a real captain?

A: USCG Licensed since 1991 - but it's currently inactive. It's not required for doing deliveries or personal adventure stuff. It's real experience you need, not the license.

Q: If I pledge the $20 amount, can you make that landing page as a Facebook Page Tab, with my own subscriber form and my video?

A: Of course! I can also send you the HTML page to upload to your own hosting if you have it. Message me to see a sample landing page.

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