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I'm a chicken nugget connoisseur and I know it's extremely simple, but it would make me so happy, you don't even understand. But here's what you'll get from this tier:

  • I'll follow you on Instagram and Twitter!
  • Your suggestions will be heard first for any games you want me to stream  or cosplay ideas you want me to try out!
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Thank you, THANK YOU so, SO much! It's a honor to be able to get this type of donation from you! As a reward, here's what I got laid out for you:

  • Everything in the tier above.
  • Get to watch video highlights from the streams before anyone else!
  • Enter in a drawing for a monthly giveaway of anime/gaming plushies, a random blu ray anime dvd, and prints from cosplay shoots!(after first goal has been reached)
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Oh wow, you must really enjoy my content enough to make it this far! Thank you again, so so much, it means the absolute world to me! As for this tier, you'll get the following rewards:

  • Everything from the tier before this.
  • Added on PSN and Steam!
  • Being able to play with me on stream (only on Fridays's and Saturday's).
  • An 8x10 print of the month!
  • For any sponsored items that I get, you will automatically be placed in a giveaway for the items I have received from said sponsor! (after I start getting sponsored items) 




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Hello, my name is Meagan or you can call me CapnMeagan. I am an anxiety filled 22 year old who loves to play video games, cosplay, and who's obsessed with anything corgi related.

How did I got into gaming?
I'm going to be honest, I was never the kid who played games in their free time as a child. My parents rathered us be outside in the sun playing with mud or building up imaginary worlds. But once I started getting older, my mom bought me my first Gamecube with the games Mario Party 5 and 7. I was in heaven! After I was done with my homework, I ALWAYS turned one of those games on and just played for hours... Fast forward years later, Richard and I got together and he's been a gaming junkie since he was wee-little. I wanted to be interested in games like he was because I wanted us to be able to bond over something, I got more curious as to what other games were out there. So, I bought my first Nintendo DS Lite (Purple, because that's what champions use) and he convinced me that I would enjoy playing Pokemon White 2. It was at this moment he realized he messed up because I became OBSESSED. After that game, I had went to GameStop every time I got paid just to get a Pokemon game because I wanted a collection... But honestly, these two moments from my life is what really triggered my love for games and I haven't looked back.

What happens when you donate?
Oh my goodness, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so very much for donating! It means the world to me and you don't even realize it! Ohk, so, basically with the donations it helps me be able to upgrade things for my stream whether it's some new headphones, mic, or just to buy a game. Then for the cosplay side it will help with all the prints and materials needed to make/buy the costumes, plus all the stuff to ship the prints to y'all. And THEN the goodies like the anime dvds, plushies, etc that come into play! So honestly, every bit counts and like I've mentioned before, I would love to be able to stream and cosplay full time one day. 

My Streaming Schedule:

=Tuesday &Thursday=
7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m EST

=Friday & Saturday=
3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST

Do you take suggestions?
Bet your shiny bottom I do!? Want me to cosplay a specific character? I will! Want me to play-through a game you want to see? Sure I will! Don't be shy about suggesting things to me, I want y'all to enjoy my content and what I put out, so giving me feedback helps me better myself as a content creator.

But thank you so much for stopping by my page and if you want follow me on my social media accounts to see what I do in my day to day life or to see when I am about to go live on Twitch.
$0 of $50 per month
This goal is to just simply either help with buying games for stream, helping me with the cost of buying materials for cosplay shoots, or I could use it for any prints to send out.
Now, this doesn't mean you HAVE to put money towards this goal, you honestly don't have to if you don't want to. This is just telling you where this goal money is going to be going towards.
But thank you to anyone who has donated to this goal, I seriously appreciate it and I just want to give y'all the best content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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